Since we use too many antibiotics in modern days, it is important to find some other solutions that can make us healthy and protect us.

Prevention of diseases is better than curing them and since we all know how synthetic antibiotics can have side effects, so it is better to use something more natural.

Propolis is just one of the gifts of the nature that can help us. This is a fresh ingredient that can protect your body and it has been used for 2000 years. There are even some records that propolis is used by Egyptians and ancient Greeks.

Flavonoids are largely responsible for the beneficial effects of propolis. Flavonoids are pigments present in fruits, vegetables, flowers and bark of trees. They have antioxidant activity; their role is to protect plants against pathogens from the environment.

The propolis is represented by numerous flavonoids galangin, quercetin, chrysin, kaempferol, apigenin, and pinocembrin pinobanksin. Propolis is one of those wise nature gifts that kills everything that bothers healthy body. At the same time preserves healthy tissue and treat illnesses.

Numerous studies have found that propolis is a natural anesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibiotic that is active against most viruses, including the influenza virus. It is excellent in the fight against fungi and parasites.

A special feature of propolis is that bacteria on it does not create resistance and has no adverse side effects, which is a disadvantage of synthetic antibiotics.

It is extremely effective in ulcers, burns, and bites. It is known that propolis stimulates the production of new cells and regeneration of damaged tissue. It is also used to treat diseases of the ear and mouth.

Excellent results are obtained in the treatment and prevention of a sore throat. It helps with a toothache, periodontal disease, bad breath, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the urinary tract and gastritis.

Preparation of tincture

The tincture is made from propolis and alcohol. For the preparation of the tincture, you can use 96%, more preferably 76% ethyl alcohol, which has on the packaging label that it can be used as a food product.

  • Put propolis in a jar, then pour alcohol in a ratio of 1: 2.
  • Hold liquid in a jar for 5-7 days and vortex 3 times a day.
  • Filter the liquid afterward.
  • You may take 20-90 drops of tincture daily, depending on the disease, between meals, with half a tablespoon of honey, warm water or tea.

Here are some problems that can be solved with propolis:

  • Pain in the stomach: Take 20 – 30 drops of dilute 30% of alcoholic propolis tincture 3 times a day before meals.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding from injuries and cuts can quickly stop using cotton wool soaked in propolis drops.
  • Calluses and corns: Lubricate them with a thick layer of propolis ointment and secure patch. Leave overnight.
  • Burns: Dip the cloth in propolis grease, put over the burns.
  • Psoriasis: Three times per day take 15 drops propolis. At the same time lubricate the affected area propolis cream or ointment.
  • Fungal diseases: Several times a day, lubricate the affected area propolis cream, ointment or drops.
  • Hemorrhoids: Local use propolis ointment and drops of propolis.
  • Ailments of the respiratory tract: Make a tea of chamomile or thyme. Add 10 drops of propolis in a pot with hot tea. Cover your head with a towel and inhale a few times a day for five minutes.
  • Acne boils, dermatitis, eczema: Spread the affected area several times daily with quality cream or tincture of propolis.
  • Periodontitis: Lubricate Sore gums with propolis drops three times a day. Previously brush teeth.

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